What is Teaching Work Skills?

TWS is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization that recognizes the economic, social, and cultural need to empower women, especially victims of domestic, sexual and workplace abuse. Our efforts are dedicated to the promotion, education, training, personal and professional development of victims who have the courage to continue on a path of survivorship by teaching work skills.

What Are We Trying to Do?

Our goal is to provide a safe and fun environment…

so that students can learn skills which foster self-confidence, self-reliance, independence and career/job opportunities. We give them a chance to learn basic and advanced tool usage, necessary handyman/home repair skills, home security and safety awareness, and interior painting skills. Other workshops include: cooking/baking basics, sewing and textiles,and also pre-employment coaching. And for those who are interested in learning a trade, we offer a pre-apprenticeship program as well.

How Does This help?

  • It increases their baseline knowledge of these skills, (how-things work, how to fix, how to make)
  • Provides a pathway to self-sufficiency, independence
  • Gives students a sense of accomplishment in being able to learn these skills to improve their surroundings by work they accomplished themselves
  • Opens up opportunities for employment
  • Students have fun learning how to fix stuff!

Students will be taught by: volunteers, women-owned businesses and/or experienced trades-people, all of whom will be fully vetted, including extensive background checks.

Students select the workshops they are interested in at  NO COST to them.

Students interested in learning more about a career in a specific trade/workshop will be provided with contacts and additional information.

The specific “work skills’ workshops are currently divided into eight areas and are listed under the Programs page.

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