Tool Donation/Fundraiser

Your interest in helping our organization and those we help is sincerely appreciated. An old toolbox or even an old cardboard box with useful, useable tools can help us, help others. And that  is always what it’s been about, helping others.

Many of our classes/workshops involve the use of hand tools such as screwdrivers (including cordless), wrenches, pliers, etc.  The workshop/classes listed under the Programs tab are only a small sample of what we are offering. If you own a home/townhouse/condo or live in an apartment, and take a good look around, you start to realize how many potential classes are needed to teach those who have an interest in learning…and how many different types of tools are necessary in making repairs.

When you donate your tools, they will be used in one of three ways:

  1. For the students to practice and learn with.
  2. To make starter toolboxes for the students.
  3. To be sold, with 100% of the proceeds going back to TWS to purchase supplies, materials and tools as needed.


If you have safe, useable tools that you think will help us, please use the contact form below. If you are donating cordless power tools, please include at least one working battery and charger. While larger tools like table saws are not yet used in the classes, the sale of these items will allow us to purchase the many items needed to successfully teach these classes, so donation of these items is encouraged. While we graciously accept donations of any type of tool, we are mainly focused on those used in basic carpentry, plumbing, electrical, painting and similiar home-owner-type-tasks.

Tools will be picked up from your home or business at no charge and a tax-deductible donation receipt will be left at the door. (Per IRS regulations, the DONOR fills in the $ value, not the organization). The Covid-19 virus has prevented us from using our drop-off locations for the foreseeable future but if you have a unique situation, please feel free to contact us.

Should you find that you can’t part with your carefully assembled collection, but still see value in our mission, tax-deductible monetary donations (cash, check, major CC) are welcome. Another way to assist us is by choosing “Teaching Work Skills” as the recipient when you use, a free, zero-cost way to support TWS. By signing up and selecting TWS, you’ll he helping us help others, every time you purchase the things you use a daily basis.


If you have working hand tools that you would like to donate please use the form below. If you have questions, please contact TWS at

Or you can call our toll-free number @ 1-(877) 203-7506 


Enter Address where we are picking up your tools
Please indicate where the tools are located. Front door, porch, side door, etc.
Any information for driver.
types of hand tools used to teach students