inspiration to learn
It's all about learning

READY?    SET?       LET’S GO!!

Now that you know what TWS is all about let’s get started.

It’s simple. Really! And it’s free!

Just take a look at the programs we offer and decide which skills you’d like to learn.

• You have no experience.
• Maybe you just want to try it once.
• Not looking for a career.

It doesn’t matter why, just that you want to try and learn. Learning can be fun and learning home repair and how to fix things around the house will stay with you for the rest of your life, not to mention make you a more independent person who can “do it “herself thank you very much!”

Want to paint your bedroom? No problem. We’ll show you how!

Want to patch a hole or  fix a leaky faucet? No problem! We will teach how to patch and fix that leak!

Need to change a lock? We’ve got your back there too!

Or if you are just curious about how things work, you’ve come to the right place! Who knows, what you learn might even lead to a fun hobby or career.

For more information about workshops or schedules, please email us at                                    Or call us at 1-877-203-7506 to speak with a real person. No robots!

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