Volunteers are a critical part of the success of Teaching Works Skills

The curriculum of all the workshops and classes has been designed to follow the teaching techniques of the 4-H Clubs and the “Edgar Dale Cone of Learning.” This technique places a heavy emphasis on hands-on learning, decision making and problem solving, communicating and relating with others while developing a positive self-concept. The Cone of Learning illustration shown below indicates the high rate of retention when a student is allowed to “learn by doing.” Since many of our students may be unfamiliar with the subject matter of the workshops we feel this method of teaching is the most effective approach.

  • The workshop learning concept is an effective teaching technique
  • Workshops are a way for all students to work under a knowledgeable person’s direction and observation
  • It is very effective when teaching skills of varying complexity
  • Since workshops are a “doing” activity, it can be a “fun” activity as well 

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dales cone of learning
Edgar Dale Cone of Learning

TWS Policies

  • Teaching Work Skills (TWS) is an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations are tax deductible. Tax ID: 83-1591564
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